“Do it yourselfers (DIY)” –

Why waste another Saturday doing your own return to then wonder and worry “are deductions or tax credits missing” or worse yet. Could there be erroneous deductions claimed that could trigger an IRS audit?

“More hours in the day” –

As a business owner you did not start your own business to be a bookkeeper. I did! Most business owners wish they could find extra hours in a day. Outsourcing your bookkeeping does just that. Outsourcing not only provides more hours in a day. Outsourcing provides instant value and insight into your business’ operations. Too many businesses are reactive. “There is money in the bank so we must be making money.” This could be true. Could the business be making more by having current, accurate, and quality numbers to help manage the business in a proactive manner? This is something outsourcing can provide. You will know exactly how much you made last month.